Sony Media Software Updates Vegas To Version 7.0c

Sony Media Software has updated Vegas to version 7.0c. New functionality includes support for the progressive scan modes (24A and 30 modes on the V1U/V1J/V1N camcorders, and 25 mode on the V1E/V1P/V1C camcorders) on the Sony HVR-V1 series HDV camcorders, and a built-in import module for the HVR-DR60 Hard Disk Recording Unit. With the 7.0c update, Vegas will properly handle the V1 series progressive scan modes automatically, without manual intervention. Users can also manually remove pulldown from native or down-converted 24p DV files.

Additional enhancements include improved color accuracy for XDCAM HD export, improved monitoring for DV, SD XDCAM, and HDV formats over SDI; improved VST support; 24p, 25p, and 30p HDV project templates; 640 x 480 export support for the Apple iPod; and stream-compliant HD MPEG-2 templates for the Sony Blu-print professional Blu-ray authoring system.

• Added HDV 720-24p and HDV 1080-24p project templates.
• Added support for reading Sony 1080-24p HDV, such as that captured with the Sony HVR-V1U camera.
• Added File > Import > Hard Disk Recording Unit to allow you to import video from a Sony HVR-DR60 hard disk recording unit.
• Added Video for Windows format rendering templates for 720-24p and 1080-24p intermediates.
• Added Windows Media Video format rendering templates for 720-24p and 1080-24p video.
• Added MPEG-2 format rendering templates for 1080-60i and 1080-24p MPEG-2 video for authoring Blu-ray discs using Blu-print software.
• Added IMX-compatible project templates.
• Added a MainConcept AVC/AAC template for rendering 640×480 AVC video for Apple iPod .
• Added a Length of GOPs setting to the Advanced Video tab of the Custom Template dialog for the MainConcept MPEG-2 plug-in. You can use this control to adjust the length of groups of pictures (GOPs) when the Use closed GOPs check box is selected.
• Made improvements to reading and writing MXF-format files.
• Made improvements to SDI external monitoring via AJA and DeckLink hardware.
• Made improvements to Rec.709 color space handling for HD MXF and SDI formats.
• Made improvements to VST audio plug-in scanning.
• Fixed an issue that was causing degraded performance with the CineForm CFHD codec.
• Fixed a bug that could cause plug-ins to disappear after being re-enabled.
• Fixed an issue with naming markers in rendered MXF files.
• Fixed an issue that prevented HDV capture from stopping after the end of the last clip.
• Fixed a bug that could cause video event thumbnails to be displayed at non-quantized frame positions for AVI files that use a nonstandard frame rate.
• Fixed a problem that could cause muted tracks to become unmuted when loading a project when automation was turned off.
• Fixed a rounding issue that affected crossfade, composite level, and composite-level envelopes.
• Fixed an issue with normalizing audio via scripting.
• Fixed an issue that could cause media markers to be displayed incorrectly at velocity envelope points.
• Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect frames to be used when reversing a subclip.
• Fixed an issue with marker locations in AVI files rendered without audio.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the Edit > Streams menu to disappear if the Edit menu had been opened with an empty event selected.
• Fixed an issue that could cause audio peaks to be rebuilt unnecessarily when opening audio/video files in multiple Sony Media Software applications.
• Fixed an issue that could cause Vegas to appear mirrored on certain operating systems.

More information on the Sony Vegas 7.0c Update.

Author: FutureMusic

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