PolyValens Releases VL1 – Casio VL-TONE Emulator

PolyValens has released the VL1 Casio VL-Tone emulation VSTi synth plug-in for Windows. VL1 is a freeware emulator of the classic Casio calculator annex mini-synthesizer from the 80’s. It implements all functionality of the original, including song recording and calculator. Why would someone spend the time to do this you ask?? Because for some reason it gave PolyValens “many hours of pleasure and fun.”

• Five preset sounds and one user programmable sound
• Synthesizer and rhythm are on two separate channels
• Rhythm sounds can be controlled individually
• Fully programmable
• Desktop calculator

The PolyValens VL1 is a Free PC-only VSTi plugin (VST V2.3 or later). More information on the PolyValens VL1.

Author: FutureMusic

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