Sony Music Studios Unveils Online Mastering Service

Sony Music Studios has launched Sony Music Studios Internet Mastering (SIM), a new service that allows artists to have their music mastered by one of Sony’s engineers for a fraction of the normal cost. SIM allows music producers to upload up to four songs per project, where they can then be mastered for $99 per track. Mastering is the finalizing process that adds depth and range to a recording, executes final edits, enhances the overall sound, and helps establish a cohesive identity for an artist’s work. SIM can give any project a highly professional, studio-quality sound that is tough to accomplish in home recording systems.

“We see this new service as a great way to extend the Studios’ reach,” explains Andy Kadison, the technology-challenged VP of Sony Music Studios. “New technologies have enabled us to make extremely high-end services available to musicians everywhere. At the same time, SIM gives us an opportunity to give up-and-coming musicians an initial introduction to what an extraordinary facility like Sony Music Studios can offer to the creative process.” Sounds like Sony is no longer pulling in clients who are willing to spend $5000 for a mastering session…

More information on Sony Music Studios Online Mastering.

Author: FutureMusic

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