Forever For Now Releases Diatonic Shifter

The Forever For Now Network has released Diatonic Shifter, a realtime musical diatonic pitch shifter. It works on any number of input and output channels at any sample rate and has adjustable A440 tuning frequency, quality and oversampling settings. With a monophonic input signal, you can use the Diatonic Shifter effect to create musical harmonies based on the note played.

• Diatonic pitch shifting and harmonizing on a per note basis.
• User configurable tuning frequency for the A440 note.
• Adjustable tracking delay setting to prevent note detection jitter.
• Works on any amount of input and output channels at any sample rate.
• Adjustable FFT size ranging from 512 to 8192 and dynamic oversampling.
• Three different windowing types: cosine, Hamming and Hann.
• Industry standard Cocoa user interface and compliance.

Forever For Now’s Diatonic Shifter is available as a Free Universal Binary Audio Unit Download for use with Mac OS X 10.4. More information on the Forever For Now Diatonic Shifter.

Author: FutureMusic

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