Universal Audio Announces UA Studio Onscreen DVD Vol 1

Universal Audio has announced the UA Studio Onscreen DVD Vol 1Recording & Mixing from Demo to Finished Master. UA Studio Onscreen Vol. 1 gives the novice to intermediate audio engineer a view into the entire process of creating, recording, and mastering a song. We follow the artists from a project studio preproduction session, into a professional studio recording session, then finally to mastering. In this video, miking techniques are demonstrated utilizing Universal Audio’s tube and solid-state analog hardware. Mixing and mastering techniques are demonstrated with the UAD-1 DSP card and vintage analog emulation plug-ins. Together with Steinberg’s Cubase line of software recording and mixing tools, you’ll see how UA products can inject old world analog tone into your DAW recordings.

  • Recording Techniques: Mic Positioning, DI, Gain-Staging, Compression
  • Mic Preamp Voodoo: UA 8110, 6176, LA-610, & SOLO/610 use scenarios
  • Tracking Techniques: Audio industry engineering/production pros interviewed
  • Mix Session examples: UAD Powered Plug-Ins™ & Steinberg Cubase SX
  • CD Mastering Session: Tutorial demonstrating Precision Series UAD plug-ins
  • Demonstrations include real-time audio examples

The UA Studio Onscreen DVD is available through December 31, 2006 at a discounted price of $29.95. More information on the UA Studio Onscreen DVD Vol 1.

Author: FutureMusic

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