Sonoma Wire Works Announces RiffRumble V Contest

Sonoma Wire Works has announced RiffRumble V, a battle of songs created with RiffWorks recording software. The fifth incarnation is sponsored by Line 6, CD Baby, Disc Makers, Submersible Music, and Recording Magazine. Here’s the details:

One winner will be chosen for each of the following three categories:
Popularity – song that receives the most cheers from the public
Contestants’ Choice – song that receives the most cheers from RiffRumble V contestants
Submersible Music’s Choice – their favorite song from the entire list of contestants. Judge to be announced soon.

Each of the winning contestants of the 3 categories above will receive the following prizes:
• Winners choice of 5 InstantDrummer Sessions by Submersible Music, makers of DrumCore.
• Winners choice of one Line 6 Model Pack for GuitarPort, PodXT, or TonePort customers.
• Disc Makers coupon for $200 off CD replication services (not valid for any other product; expires in one year), and a package of 100 blank CD-Rs (their best, Ultra 16x inkjet printable discs worth $42).
• set up worth $35. CD Baby can get your music selling worldwide on, Apple iTunes, Tower Records, Yahoo Music, Best Buy, Rhapsody, Napster, MSN Music and more.
• Recording Magazine one year subscription for US resident winners only. International winners will receive 3 months of recent back-issues.

• Fire up RiffWorks and build a prize winning composition.
• Songs must be recorded using RiffWorks.
vSyncing to ReWire devices is allowed.
• As long as it was created in RiffWorks, you can tweak with other programs for EQ or compression.
• Players are not restricted to Submersible Music InstantDrummer sessions. RiffWorks Standard comes with 8 free InstantDrummer sessions. Dozens more are available from Drums on Demand, Discrete Drums, Submersible Music and Drummerheads in our online store.
• Songs can NOT have been submitted to past RiffRumbles. It is OK if they’ve been posted on RiffCaster.
• RiffLink collaborations are not allowed for this round.
• Mix a compressed copy of your song and email it to with the name of your song in the subject by November 30th at midnight.
• You are responsible for confirming that your song shows up in the submissions list. If you don’t see your entry in the submissions list within 30 minutes of submitting it, please contact support.
• Only one song may be submitted per contestant. You may resubmit a song to RiffRumble – only your last submission will be kept live for voting.
• The voting process begins December 1st through December 7th at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time.
• For the Popularity Category: Invite people to add a cheer to your song on the submissions page once it’s available. Or you may point your fans to your song’s unique permalink that will appear on the submissions page along with your entry. Individuals, including contestants, may cheer at most once per entry. Contenders who receive more than one vote per person or cheer more than once for a song may be disqualified. Voters must vote from their own computers and voters must include a verifyable email address that we will not email unless we need to call for a recount.
• For the Contestants’ Choice category, each contestant will receive an email with instructions for voting. The email will be sent to you on December 1st. Vote by replying to that email only once before December 7th at 11:59 PM.
• Vote for only ONE song that is NOT your song.
• Winners of previous RiffRumbles may compete again for all three catgories.

The Sonoma Wire Works RiffRumble V Winners will be announced by December 14th in a newsletter and on the Sonoma Wire Works website. More information on the Sonoma Wire Works RiffRumble V Contest.

Author: FutureMusic

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