AudioRealism Makes Drum Machine Public

AudioRealism has announced Drum Machine, two vintage drum machine housed in a virtual Roland TR-909. The kids at AudioRealism must like to cook, because this is how they describe their new Drum Machine: “Deep flavored bassdrums, crispy snares and saucy hihats is the stew that made the analog drum machines so tasty.”

AudioRealism Drum Machine contains two modeled vintage drum machines for double the gastronomical pleasure. Sprinkled with a Pattern controlled filter and a distortion unit makes for a pleasurable meal that will satisfy the sweetest tooth to a hard baked sludge for those with tougher digestional systems. (Arrgh! Give the culinary crap a rest, would you? –Ed.)

• Two realtime switchable drum machine models, 11 sounds for Model A and 8 for Model B.
• Internal 32 step sequencer with global accent per step, four prescale selections per pattern
• Various pattern transformation functions
• MIDI Output
• Rebirth pattern import
• Two MIDI modes (Pattern and Note)
• Full MIDI CC with learning function
• Integrated distortion unit
• Pattern controlled filter (PCF)
• Sample accurate sync to host

AudioRealism expects to release Drum Machine in early 2007; no pricing has been announced. Available Formats: VST 2.3 for PC, Audio Units for Mac OS X. More information on the AudioRealism Drum Machine.

Author: FutureMusic

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