Fujitsu Reveals Turn Table Concept PC At Ceatec

Fujitsu showcased the Turn Table Concept PC at the Ceatec technology fair in Tokyo recently that has set the Japanese DJ community ablaze. The Turn Table PC fhas a touch-sensitive LCD panel on the cover (on the back of the PC’s screen) that allows a DJ to control digital files with the same mechanics of vinyl mixing.

The Turn Table Concept PC can control a connected MP3 player using a display on the front, without flipping the notebook open or digital files on the PC’s hard drive. The PC even implements virtual 5.1 channel surround sound for pushing the boundaries. In addition to the control surface on the cover, there’s also a LED touch-sensitive interface on the inside so that you can continue to rock the house when the laptop is open.

Due to the tremendous positive response, Fujitsu claims that the Turn Table Concept PC will be available to punters within the next two years. Brilliant!

Author: FutureMusic

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