Eventide Updates Anthology II For Universal Binary

Eventide has announced that the Anthology II plugin bundle has been updated for Universal Binary and is optimized for the new Intel powered Mac computers. This new Mactel upgrade will allow users to take full advantage of Apples newest computers, including the Mac Pro with quad core architecture.

Available now, the Mactel upgrade is free to current Anthology II customers. Anthology II is available for sale via Eventide’s website, or from Eventide or Pro Tools dealers worldwide.

Comprised of the best Eventide effects from thirty-five years of crafting effects used on top recording and post-production projects, Anthology II includes: EQ65 Filter Set and EQ45 Parametric Equalizer, both 48-bit double precision; two new configurable channel strips, Ultra-Channel featuring Eventide’s signature micropitch shifting effect for thickening, and E-Channel optimized for maximum instances; Precision Time Align provides the ability to bring individual tracks into phase; Quadravox four-voice diatonic pitch shifter with delays; original Harmonizer pitch processors H910 and H949; Instant Phaser and Instant Flanger; Omnipressor dynamics processor with an attitude; Eventide Reverb featuring the best reverbs from the H8000; Octavox eight-voice diatonic pitch shifter; and H3000 Band Delays and H3000 Factory from the venerable H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor.

Anthology II is fully compliant with ICON, D-Control, D-Command, Venue, Pro Tools 7.2, and is Mac and PC compatible. Anthology II retails for $995; the Mactel upgrade is free to current Anthology II customers. More information on the Eventide Anthology II Update from Eventide’s horrendous website.

Author: FutureMusic

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