Yamaha Unveils Tn Amplifiers

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has unveiled its 2-ohm, UL-approved Tn Series amplifiers. Developed primarily for high-end tour sound and installation markets, the Tn Series provides the power to drive line-array speakers such as the Nexo GEO Series, as well as the PS Series and the Yamaha Installation Series.

Three models are available and range from the Tn5, which delivers 2300W (stereo at 4 ohms), 5000W at 4 ohms bridged; the Tn4 delivers 2000W (stereo at 4 ohms), 4400W in 4 ohms bridged mode; and the Tn3, which delivers 1400W (stereo at 4 ohms), 3800W at 4 ohms bridged. The input gain level for all models is 26 dB.

The amplifiers feature a high-power cooling fan that automatically stops when an input signal ceases, eliminating heat and power consumption otherwise generated by the fan. This feature also extends the life of the fan, which includes removable filters for easy cleaning while in use during harsh touring conditions.

The Tn amplifiers are equipped with additional power supply circuitry protection against low or high voltage. This works automatically when voltage registers at a predetermined range and releases when voltage is back in normal range. A VHF protection circuit restricts any high-frequency swing.

More information on the Yamaha Tn Amplifiers.

Author: FutureMusic

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