Pioneer Updates Firmware On CDJ-1000MK3, CDJ-800MK2 & DVJ-1000

The European division of Pioneer has announced a CDJ / DVJ Firmware Update. The updates are “Strongly recommended” and available for the following products:

CDJ-800MK2: Version 1.70 or earlier (available now)
CDJ-1000MK3: Version 2.00 or earlier (available now)
DVJ-1000: Version 1.30 or earlier (available mid November)

The firmware updates DO NOT apply to the CDJ-1000, CDJ-1000MK2 or CDJ-800. There is no indication on the site if the updates will be implemented in other parts of the world.

Firmware Enhancements:
1. Improve Master Tempo performance: The above-mentioned products may experience reduced sound quality with some songs while using Master Tempo. A firmware update to the new version is strongly recommended for all users to improve the sound quality in these circumstances.

2. Improve Readability of Dirty or Scratched Discs:
The above-mentioned products may not respond well to dirty or scratched discs during playback. A firmware update to the new version is strongly recommended for all users (with or without past experience of any problem) because of its improved ability to read such discs. PLEASE NOTE: Discs should always be kept clean and free from damage. No kidding!

You can download the firmware updates and burn to disc by visiting See above for download availability. Alternatively from mid November you can obtain a free CD-ROM containing the relevant firmware update from your local Pioneer office or local Pioneer Pro SV dealer. More information on the CDJ-1000MK3 Firmware Update, the CDJ-800MK2 Firmware Update, and the DVJ-1000 Firmware Update.

Author: FutureMusic

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