DJ Cut La Roc Breaks Guinness Book Record

Breaks record by simultaneously mixing on 20 decks and 10 mixers!

An official world record was added to the Guinness Book of Records for simultaneously mixing on 20 decks and 10 mixers. DJ Cut La Roc and Ecler had been planning the event for months and the stage was set for history in the making.

Cut La Roc remained calm throughout, well, at least on the outside, but the idea for breaking the record didn’t hit home until he walked up to Ecler’s booth and saw 20 CDJ’s and 10 Limited edition Cut La Roc HAK 380 Nemesis mixers waiting for his magic touch. “Arrrrgh!! The prospect of having to mix 20 CDJ’s simultaneously was beginning to feel somewhat daunting!”

When he got the official green light, the nerves seemed to loosen up a bit and he just kept my head down in full concentration. He then went on to mix all 20 CDJ’s in perfect time. As soon as he mixed the last CD in, the crowd went nuts and only one thought crossed his mind. “I’m so glad it’s over!”

Author: FutureMusic

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