MusicForMe Hacks AllOfMP3’s MusicForMasses DRM

MusicForMasses was recently introduced by besieged Russian online music retailer AllOfMP3 that allows users to download and listen to every song in their enormous library for free, provide you use their proprietary Windows player. The global recording industry, led by the IFPI, successfully pushed both Visa and Mastercard to withdraw support for AllOfMP3, due to their dodgy online music sales model. In addition, several ISPs have blocked access to the site.

MusicForMe is a Crack that strips out whatever protections AllOfMP3 is using on its free MP3s and turns them into plain old MP3 files that you can play in the player of your choice. It works as advertised and has thwarted AllOfMP3’s attempt at developing it as a useful sales tool.

The Future: Considering AllOfMP3’s questionable legality, this is just more fuel for the international music industry’s firestorm against the company. It shouldn’t be long now before the company goes down in a hail of bullets.
Using MusicForMe is most likely illegal, and we certainly do not condone using it.

Author: FutureMusic

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