Propellerheads Announce Cool Contest With Really Lame Prizes

Propellerhead Software, makers of Reason and other goodies, has announced the Big Sounds Championships contest. The Big Sounds Championships consists of four separate contests – Big Bass, Big Lead, Big Pad and the final monstrosity: Plain Huge!

The Big Sounds Championships are offering a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro headphones as a prize. Spend a load of time developing the biggest patch imaginable and walk away with a single pair of headphones. Wow…Headphones!

Sorry, but contests like 3xperiments 1n 5ound make events like this look real sissy…

On top of that, the makers of the best three patches also get a stylish Reason sweater – 100% brushed fleece cotton with ribbed sides panels for that perfect fit, to quote the Prop Shop. Wow…a sweater!

All you have to do is bust your ass constructing the fattest, most massive, gigantic bass sound ever to be heard. As to how you come up with the actual sounds, you’re on your own – but once you’ve finished creating the most humongous sounds one can ever imagine, it’s time to enter the contest. Please submit your patches in a zip file. Yes, even if you’re only submitting one measly patch.

Each contestant can send in three patches for each leg of the championships. We close the Big Bass entry form on October 27 at noon, CET. Once the time is up and the contest is closed, it’s time for the jury to sink their teeth into the trove of oversized sounds and a few days later, the lucky winners will be announced on this website. On the day the winners of the Big Bass contest are announced, we will open the submission form for the Big Lead contest (and when we announce the winners of the Big Lead contest, we open it for the Big Pad contest, you get the picture). Here’s the complete schedule:

October 18 – Big Bass! contest opens (closes October 27, 12 pm CET)
November 1 – Big Lead! contest opens (closes November 10, 12 pm CET)
November 15 – Big Pad! contest opens (closes November 24, 12 pm CET)
November 29 – Plain Huge! contest opens (closes December 8, 12 pm CET)

I’m sure you can’t contain yourself, so for more information check out Big Sounds Championship.

Author: FutureMusic

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