Long Distance Music Collaboration With Skype

The quintessential garage band is a thing of the past! Band mates are no longer accepting the fact that if they aren’t in the same state or even country the fate of their band is doomed. Musicians determined to stay together are now taking control of the situation and, through the capabilities of the Internet and technology, are transforming their computer screen into a virtual arena. Skype, software that enables worldwide voice and video calls at no cost, is one of those types of services that musicians are using to synchronize their sounds.

When Andy Stack and his college band, Liquid Playground, graduated from Princeton they never dreamed that the band would be able to get back together 10 years later. Despite living in different states after graduation, they were able to reconnect through Skype and practice together before their 10 year college reunion. With their drummer in California, acoustic guitarist in Boston and an electric guitarist in Colorado, the musicians were able to jam together using Skype’s technology.

Other musicians are also using Skype for educational purposes. Jamie Glaser is a professional musician who plays guitar sets with his buddies over Skype. Additionally, he also offers live guitar lessons over Skype’s video component with students around the world.

Author: FutureMusic

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