Universal Audio and Euphonix Founders Announce DCS Remote Preamp

Universal Audio has partnered with original Euphonix founders Scott and Rob Silfvast to design a revolutionary series of DAW expansion and enhancement products under the Desktop Console System (DCS) family brand. DCS combines UA’s pedigree for sonic excellence with the usability/features of professional consoles in a new type of convenient “micro-console” desktop form factor, ideal for today’s project/producer studios. The first two products in the DCS series (the Remote Pre and Monitor Master) combine a base station with a DCS-Link connected remote that puts every control within direct proximity to the user in a convenient remote format.

The DCS Remote Preamp combines two console-grade mic-pres, specialized monitoring capabilities for artist and engineer, and easy remote control/DAW integration making an ideal upgrade to the basic features/sonics found in most audio interfaces. With 100% digital control of analog, the Remote Preamp offers fully remote-controllable, highly detailed, uncolored recording based on its advanced transimpedance design. The two channels of the DCS Remote Preamp can be used dual mono or can be joined for stepped, matched-stereo gain structuring. Plus a Mid/Side decoder is included, allowing for direct monitoring of the M/S result while recording.

The Remote Pre also features a high-quality headphone amp with monitoring only effects such as user-tailored reverb and EQ, making it easy to quickly create an artist monitor mix without having to deal with complex configuration or latency issues inside the DAW. Best of all, the remote control can be placed anywhere from desktop to recording room, giving the artist flexibility unlike any other device in its class. Position the preamp as close to the source as desired, or remotely control your own recording experience away from the computer as you keep the remote close at hand. Lastly, the DCS Remote Preamp offers high quality backlit VU metering for observing Preamp Output or DAW/Cue levels.

• Two channel linkable, console grade transimpedance mic preamp/DI
• Mono, Stereo or Mid/Side recording with decoder monitoring
• Monitoring features such as high quality headphone amp, Reverb and EQ
• DCS-Link – 100% digitally controlled analog signal path via (CAT-5) interconnect
• Remote design allows up to 300’ distances from preamp for large or multi-room setups

Technical Specifications:
• frequency response: 4Hz to 150kHz, +0/-3dB
• distortion (THD+N) 0.002%, 1kHz, 40dB gain, +14dBu out
• XLR balanced, transformer-less Microphone Inputs, 2 k ohms impedance, noise: -130dBu EIN, 50 ohms 20Hz to 20kHz, 69 dB gain
• TRS balanced or TS unbalanced, transformer-less Direct Inputs, 4 M Ω balanced, 2 M Ω unbalanced noise impedance, noise: -102dBu EIN, 50 ohms 20Hz to 20kHz, 42 dB gain

Price and availability have not been announced. More information on the DCS Remote Preamp.

Author: FutureMusic

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