Two Circuits Unveils Free Audiovibrato Plug-In

Two Circuits has released Audiovibrato, a vibrato ultility plug-in. When the situation calls for vibrato, but your audio has none, Audiovibrato can add just the texture you require. You can either control the rate manually, or click the “sync” button and have the rate lock to a sync controlled by your BPM clock.

Depth – Controls the depth/intensity of the vibrato.
Mix – Controls the dry/wet of the effect and the original input.
Rate – Controls the rate of the vibrato effect, including the option to sync to tempo.
SYNC button – Toggles between free-range analog rate vibrato and tempo-synced timings – i.e. 4 PPQ, 8 PPQ, 16 PPQ, etc.

Audiovibrato is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows and a is Free download. More infortmation on Audiovibrato.

Author: FutureMusic

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