Cycling ’74 Updates Mac Versions of Pluggo Family to Version 3.6

Cycling ’74 has updated the Mac OS X versions of Pluggo, Pluggo Jr. and Pluggo Runtime to version 3.6, Mode to 1.3 and Hipno to 1.1. All now feature Intel-Mac (Universal Binary) support. Pluggo is collection of more than 100 extraordinary real-time plug-in audio effects and virtual instruments for RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit applications.

Bug fixes and changes in 3.6:
• Support for Intel-based Macintosh computers as well as PPC computers (Universal Binaries)
• Dramatic speed improvements made to the AudioUnit Scan application
• AudioUnit plug-ins may be given a manufacturer id by specifying a four char code in plugconfig using the package message
• AudioUnit plug-ins are now categorized based on the subfolder of the VST folder they are in
• AudioUnit plug-in presets off by 1 as compared to VSTs in some hosts (including Live) is now fixed
• Fixed problems where offline processing (bouncing) in Logic did not work
• Fixes in various plug-ins (all packages) so that parameters can be continuously automated in Digital Performer
• Hipno: Fixes for AU-related crashes in applications like Logic and Final Cut Pro
• Icon defined for the Pluggo AU component
• Pluggo: Fixed error posts in the Dynamical plug-in
• AU and VST plugs in the same environment (e.g. Live) play nicely together
• Fixed long-standing bug in Pluggo-RTAS where processing would be absent when opening a saved session until a plug-in editor was actually opened
• Dial objects with a transparent background now work in Ableton Live version 5.2.x and Cubase
• Parameters not modified or automated by Live 5.2.x when no editor windows were open has been fixed
• Fixed problems where parameters would get zeroed out if Clip Envelopes were applied in Ableton Live
• Pluggo is now based on Steinberg’s VST SDK version 2.4
• Now supports plug-ins built with Max/MSP version 4.6.x
• Plug-ins are available as mono-to-stereo in ProTools on mono tracks again (this was not available in 3.5.4)
• Plug-ins may be assigned categories for ProTools (developers should consult the MSP Reference Manual)
• More multi-channel formats available for surround plug-in developers
• Various improvements to plugsync in AU hosts

The updates are free. More information on the Pluggo Mac Updates

Author: FutureMusic

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