National Public Radio Will Set To Launch Digital Music Service In 2007

National Public Radio (NPR) is currently developing a digital music store with the goal of launching in the Spring of 2007. NPR is a network of over 800 public stations. The move will build on several digital music initiatives already underway, including live streaming concerts, podcasts, and the creation of multicast HD2 stations and will leverage NPR’s reputation as a tastemaker.

The digital music service will put many programming initiatives under a collective umbrella with their special blend of community intended to appeal to their strong connection to local markets. The launch will also enable music discovery and emphasize emerging artists, something that the NPR audience is incredibly receptive to. Genres in the mix include classical, jazz, folk, opera, AAA, electronica and alternative.

The Future: With the sheer amount of new music debuting daily, there is a serious need for trusted filters. Fans of NPR and similiar established music brands will find themselves in a postion to leverage their reputations and create music market niches that will generate revenue within their market base. However, once a music service is established, the next challenge will be how to expand the converted customer base to create growth.

Author: FutureMusic

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