Sandisk Releases 8GB Flash MP3 Player

Sandisk will introduce an 8GB Flash-based digital music player called e280 this week ahead of the anticipated roll-out of an 8GB iPod Nano from Apple. Sandisk will also slash its prices, on the rest of its Sansa line to fall under the e280’s projected retail price of US $249.

Rumors that Apple is preparing to launch higher capacity Nanos for the holiday season have been flying since February’s Flash Memory sourcing data was revealed. Sandisk’s 4GB player, the e260, is already $20 cheaper than the same-sized Nano. Yet it hasn’t dented Apple’s US market share. For the first six months of 2006, Apple took 76.6 per cent of the US retail MP3 player market, compared to number two placed Sandisk’s 8.9 per cent. The 2GB e250 now retails for $140, the e260 for $180 and the e270 for $220.

Like the existing e250, the e280 will incorporate a memory card slot to boost its storage capacity further. Since Sandisk’s real business is selling memory cards, this is a savvy move. Another rumor that surfaced is that Sandisk is planning to launch a stand alone device designed to transfer non-music content to its memory cards. Stay tuned!

The 8GB Sansa e280 will retail for $249. Sandisk currently offers a 6GB player, the e270, for $280, suggesting that machine will come down in price when the e280 ships. More information on the Sandisk MP3 Players

Author: FutureMusic

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