Music Trends: The DVD-Album Concept – Another Misfire

Warner Music recently announced plans to develop and distribute a new music format dubbed the “DVD Album.” The new format will incorporate CD quality songs, “pre-ripped” digital tracks, videos, album art and other extras. Warner hopes that this new format will spark retail sales at a higher price point. We think not.

The first thing that the major labels just don’t get is that consumers don’t want to pay more for music, they want to play less. The addition of album art and videos, something that can easily be obtained online, will not have the kids lining up in droves at their favorite retail outlet. And pre-ripped digital tracks, weighed down with some cumbersome DRM scheme, is certainly no selling point either. Whoever came up with this idiotic idea has absolutely no read on the market.

Want to spur sales? Lower the price for a new CD from $19 to $10 bucks with all the additional album art, videos, etc. as an Enhanced CD… More!

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