Sony Updates Acid Pro 6

Sony has quietly released version ACID Pro 6.0b. The update fixes several frustrating bugs and should be downloaded and installed by all owners.

• Improvements when adding, removing, or renaming ReWire devices.
• A bug that could cause a crash after copying envelopes to the clipboard has been fixed.
• In previous releases of ACID 6.0, VSTi plug-ins would stop producing output if the plug-in caused an exception. You can now click the Enable button in the Soft Synth Properties dialog twice to clear the exception to reset the plug-in (if the plug-in allows resetting).
• You can now load MIDI files that contain only SysEx data. When you load a SysEx-only file, a single track is created, and the SysEx data is displayed as keyframes.
• A bug has been fixed that caused SysEx data timestamps to be calculated incorrectly during playback.
• A bug has been fixed that prevented you from opening SMF Type 1 files created in ACID 4 and 5.
• A problem has been fixed that could cause some VSTi plug-ins to reload the current patch after receiving SysEx data.
• A bug that could cause a crash when using Lynx audio hardware in ASIO mode has been fixed.
• A bug has been fixed that caused the Join command to incorrectly join unselected events that overlapped selected events.
• A bug has been fixed that could cause a rendered file to be truncated if you rendered immediately after changing the project tempo.

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Author: FutureMusic

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