Polyphonic HMI Awarded Music Recommendation Patent

Polyphonic HMI announced a patent award number 7,081,579 B2 related to its technology which covers a “Method and System for Music Recommendation.” The company cited a system that utilizes constellations of different songs across various genres, connected by similarities in characteristics like structure, melody, tempo, rhythm and frequency range.

Music Intelligence Solutions doing business as Polyphonic is based in San Francisco, and recently named Andrew Lockwood as its CEO. Lockwood formerly held executive positions at Covad Communications, Inktomi, and BT. Aside from music discovery and recommendation, the company also plans to offer services related to market potential prediction and automated music programming. Polyphonic HMI is not the first music recommendation company to receive a patent, though the award has given the company a serious market boost. The patent was awarded July 26th. The music recommendation space is very hot right now with more and more companies entering the crowded field. Contenders such as MusicIP, Pandora, Last.fm and MusicStrands are all battling for the pole position.

Author: FutureMusic

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