E-MU Announces Platinum 88

E-MU Systems new Platinum 88 Grand Piano Sound Library offers Emulator X and Proteus X users over 7GB of 24-bit grand piano samples. Using a meticulously sampled Steinway Model L concert grand piano, the Platinum 88 features 12 layers of samples for each of the piano’s 88 notes: five layers with the sustain pedal up, six with the sustain pedal down, and a layer entirely dedicated to note-off sounds.

Every note was recorded through its natural delay, enabling the Platinum 88 bank to be completely free of loops. The samples were then mapped to their proper key and velocity positions in Emulator X and Proteus X and programmed with Pedals and Continuous Controllers. Also included are 1GB and 200MB 16-bit versions of the piano for ultimate sequencing flexibility and optimized performance.

The Platinum 88 is priced at $149.99 and available from E-MU dealers. More information on EMU Platinum 88

Author: FutureMusic

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