Synapse Audio Releases Orion Pro 7

Synapse Audio has released Orion Pro 7, the affordable edition of Orion. For beginners and experienced users alike, it provides all the essential tools to get you started making music with your computer: sequencer and playlist for arranging the parts of your song, a selection of Generators with preset sounds, a range of Effects to process and modify those sounds, and a Mixer with everything you need to to bring it all together.

With an ASIO compatible soundcard, Orion Pro can achieve latency as low as 2 milliseconds. VSTi and DXi standard instrument plug-ins are supported, giving you access to a wide market of instrument plugins. The Sampler comes with an integrated Groove Slicer, which automatically chops up beats and grooves, which you can then rearrange in the sequencer. If you’re ready to begin composing original music yourself, Orion Pro is for you. It provides you with the tools you need to create your own unique sound, and compose your music from the ground up – at a fraction of the price of even a humble home studio.

Realtime and exported 44.1 and 48 kHz playback rates are possible – suitable for recording to CD, or for post-production of your exported music in a third-party sample editor. Orion Pro comes with a selection of 20 internal effects. Additionally, there is full support for third-party VST and DirectX software effects, which integrate seamlessly into the working environment.

New Features:
• Updated graphics + enhanced workflow
• Patterns can be named in the Playlist
• New preset menu browsing
• New insert menu in workspace area (right-click anywhere in workspace)
• Save file backup feature
• MIDI File Drag&Drop directly into generators (useful e.g. for some VST instruments)
• New window option for generators/fx: Closing a window just hides the window
• Signature option when creating new project

The update is free for registered users. More information on Synapse Audio Orion Pro 7

Author: FutureMusic

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