CAD Introduces Trion Studio Microphone Line

CAD has introduced Trion, its new line of studio microphones. The Trion 8000 is a multi-pattern, externally biased, large dual-diaphragm studio tube condenser mic; the Trion 7000 is a dynamic, dual-element ribbon mic; and the Trion 6000 a multi-pattern, externally biased, large dual-diaphragm studio condenser mic.

Flagship for the new line, the Trion 8000 incorporates a precision-machined, hand-assembled capsule with low mass 1.12-inch gold vapor-deposited, hand-dampened diaphragms to produce the warm, rich and open classic tube sound ideal for studio vocal recordings in the digital realm. A 3-position polar pattern switch provides selection of omnidirectional, cardioid or figure-8 polar patterns for the versatility required by today’s professional recording situations.

In addition to sensitivity, low distortion and an extended frequency response, the Trion 8000 features discrete Class A electronics for transparent sound reproduction. Its transformer-coupled output ensures RF immunity, cancellation of cable capacitance, and rejection of induced line noise.

The Trion 7000 is targeted for recording vocals, brass and woodwinds, cello, acoustic bass, as well as guitar and bass amps. The 7000 is equally effective in live and studio applications when a full-bodied sound is desired.

With a natural figure-8 pickup pattern, the Trion 7000 is most sensitive in the front and the back of the microphone and least sensitive at the sides. Its pronounced proximity effect allows the user to achieve a strong “fattening” effect at close distances. The Trion 6000 features low mass, 1-inch, gold-vapor-deposited, hand-dampened diaphragms. Combined, these produce a warm, open and detailed sound for studio vocals, choir, classical stringed instruments, piano and acoustic guitar.

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Author: FutureMusic

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