Groove Analogizer Delivers At Only $30

Groove Analogizer by NUSofting is an audio controlled drum synthesizer, that like an Old School electronic drum pad, (like those classic Octagon shaped Simmons Drums) the percussion sound is triggered by an audio input, not by a MIDI message. So marry this concept to a drum synth and you get the Groove Analogizer where the sound of three oscillators is triggered and shaped by the audio input. With me?

Triggering the Groove Analogizer with a percussive sound, either in mono or stereo, sends the audio into the GA to be effected. The GA is a VST effect, not a virtual instrument. The Trigger can be a WAV file, another VST instrument or a sound introduced in realtime – say a beatboxer on the mic.

For each of the three generators you can choose left, right or left+right input. The input can be mono or stereo, then a band pass filter allows you to select a coarse or fine frequency range of the audio source to be used for triggering. In this manner you can separate HI, MID and LOW tones in the audio input, allowing you to isolate different trigger patterns from the same complex audio source (e.g. you can input a full drums loop and select snare for trigger 1, bass drum for trigger 2 and hihat for trigger 3). Groove Analogizer also features Pre-Listening (PL button), so that you can monitor which part of the source is selected as trigger.

Another control at the input named Sensitivity allows to fine select the loudest triggers filtered by the band pass. So that you may include ghost notes or avoid them. Pretty flexible.

Nu Softing’s site is pretty bush-league, but the Groove Analogizer is a steal at $30 bills.

Author: FutureMusic

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