Sony Media Software Announces Two New Cinescore Theme Packs

Sony Media Software unveiled two new Cinescore Theme Packs: “Pass the Ring: The Wedding Soundtrack Library” (yeeeeesh! –Ed.) and “Incredible Vistas: Visual and Emotional Panoramas.”

“Incredible Vistas” contains ten themes appropriate for a vast assortment of applications, from grand cinematic gestures to corporate presentations. “Pass the Ring” is a one-stop solution for wedding videographers that contains all the expected classics plus an assortment of music suited to a wide variety of applications.

Theme Packs are used exclusively within the new Cinescore software application. Every Cinescore Theme contains a universe of music resources that come to life inside Cinescore software to offer a near-infinite array of possibilities for generating perfectly integrated film music. Accentuate peak moments with grand crescendos or soften moods easily and instantly by working with Themes directly on the video timeline.

Each Cinescore Theme Pack will be available worldwide through software stores and online retailers for $99.99. More information on Sony’s Cinescore Theme Packs

Author: FutureMusic

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