Metallica Finally Licenses Catalog to iTunes

Metallica has licensed its catalog for digital download on the iTunes Music Store. Metallica was the poster child for copyright infringement during the Wild West days of illegal file sharing on Napster. The band battled Napster through their PR firm and even instigated legal action, something that many other bands refused. Even a major backlash from fans and a knee-jerk response from the media media, didn’t dissuade the band from their mission of becoming the sad face of multi-millionaire rock stars everywhere.

Through successful litigation, Metallica was able to force the removal of all usernames connected to Metallica downloads on Napster and other file-trading entities. The band so hated digital formats that they resisted licensing their music to any digital store, for years and only recently acquiesced by allowing Album Only downloads of their releases. However, with rising gas prices Lars Ulrich probably needed extra cash to fill his Ferrari so they’ve decided to join iTunes and allow individual track sales. Here’s a statement from their web site:

“Over the last year or so, we have seen an ever-growing number of Metallica fans using online sites like iTunes to get their music.” No Sh*t! “So now [we’re] offering fans the opportunity to obtain our songs individually.”

Please, everyone welcome Metallica to the year 2002!

Author: FutureMusic

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