Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” — Who Cares??

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been bombarded with all types of rumors and news tidbits about Microsoft developing their own “iPod Killer” named Zune. The hubbub has been so overhyped, that one would think this was the first ever incarnation of a MP3 player.

Who Cares?

Apple has sold 58 million iPods since 2001. Fifty-Eight Million. Does the industry actually need another digital music player? Hell no. Does the industry need another player from Microsoft?? Double Hell no!!

In a recent confirmation of the project, Microsoft has been doing a lot of chest-pounding stating that they solicited Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft Entertainment, who was responsible for developing the XBox, to develop the Zune Project. Ah, so what?? The XBox is a money-losing endeavor with only one “must have” game. Any other company would have folded the operation, but Microsoft, with their deep pockets, doesn’t want to lose industry face. And besides, it’s a nice write off.

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Author: FutureMusic

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