Offers Free MP3 Surround Technology and Music

The technology division of Thomson is now offering free mp3 Surround software and music on its website. Designed for musicians on the cutting edge, is a web destination that features comprehensive information about mp3 Surround, a demo encoder for creating mp3 Surround tracks, an mp3 Surround player, the mp3 Stereo eXtended converter (mp3 SX) for upmixing mp3 files to Surround sound and software development tools. is also amassing a library of free 5.1 recordings. Currently available for download are tracks from noted independent artists such as DJ/surround sound maven Tipper and Grammy Award-winner Aimee Mann. Musicians everywhere are invited to submit their own multi-channel mixes to the library via the link on the music page.

mp3 Surround is a distribution technology for music recorded in 5.1 channel stereo and is the only backwards compatible, multiplatform solution of its kind today. After downloading the applications from, listeners who have PCs with 5.1 sound cards may enjoy multi-channel sound on computer speakers. With the Ensonido feature included with the mp3 Surround player, listeners can have a multi-channel experience through normal stereo headphones. Also available on is the mp3 SX converter, a simple drop-in application that creates a surround sound experience with traditional mp3 files.

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Author: FutureMusic

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