Prodyon Announces Randomax Drum Machine

Randomax, a provocative new drum-sampler, was developed to give the user the ability to create unique rhythms with its randomization features. The plug-in has four individual stereo outputs, 17 note polyphony, 128 ready-to-use Drumkits in various genres and several other interesting attributes.

A “QuickPatch” feature enables the user to “jump” to certain preselected presets for live use or additional experimentation. Randomax has four modulation buttons including, velocity to volume, decay, sample offset and an integrated Lowpass Filter.


• Four assignable stereo Outputs
• One stereo auxiliary send
• Modulation options included (velocity controls sample offset, decay,volume,filter)
• Total randomization (randomize values, sounds or whole drumkits)
• 11 Slots, 17 Samples at once
• Layout divided into Sections (kick, snare, claps, etc.)
• 800 Drum sounds included
• 128 complete Drum kits
• “One Click New Drum kit”

Randomax is now available and costs only $29.95 for download only. More information on Randomax

Author: FutureMusic

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