Man, do we love projects like this: Soundbombs are a non-visual grafitti experiment by Felix Hardmood Beck. Each one a lowtech object for interactive transmission. An integrated sound module makes it possible to record any given sound and then activate it through a motion detector. As a Non-Visual Graffiti, with its origin in streetart, Soundbombs give the possibility to tag a place in an accoustic form: a welcoming greeting at the...

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Brambos Updates Tunafish Sequencer to 1.6

Brambos has updated Tunafish – their budget vst/music sequencer – to version 1.6. The update features several key bug fixes, support for looped WAV files, improved stability and the ability to run the program as a portable application. The Tunafish philosophy: a low-cost, lightweight sequencer that’s as simple as possible yet with the versatility of a big sequencer. Features: • VST 2.3 compatible host for...

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