Apple Quietly Loses Law Suit Against Bloggers

A California Appeals Court, has reversed Apple Computer’s win against “illegitimate news sources.” Apple has done their best to keep this slap across the face quiet, and most news sources haven’t reported on how significant this win is for bloggers, online-only news sources, and other alternative news outlets.

The original suit originated in 2004 when AppleInsider, ThinkSecret and PowerPage posted information about upcoming Apple products — one of which was the new Mac Mini, the other a music oriented product code-named “Asteroid.” Apple determined the insider information was leaked by one or more of their employees. Instead of going on a company-wide witchhunt which would have caused major internal turmoil, Apple decided to subpoena the email records of their respective Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It even went so far as to file a separate trade-secret lawsuit against, a online news site dedicated to revealing information about upcoming Apple products; the case is still awaiting trial or settlement even after an online petition was signed by over 5000 people asking Apple to drop the litigation. More…

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Author: FutureMusic

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