Plogue Bidule 0.92 Released

A new version of Plogue’s Bidule has been released. New Features include: New disk streaming code with sample accurate loop mode, players now play what they can when there’s a channel mismatch betwen the player and the file, files with a different sampling rate than Bidule aren’t pitch modified, and ReWire master support has been added for MacIntel computers.

Other new features:
Added possibility to turn off fading windows per bidule when switching between processing modes
Added 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 file players and recorders
OS X: ReWire temporary files are now created in a Bidule owned folder
SDK: added support for plugins with no output

Bug Fixes:
Saved MIDI files are sometime corrupted
Monitoring not working on terminal groups
SDK: plugins can’t receive the sync information
SDK: getParameterChoices isn’t called with the parameter id
OS X: AUAudioFilePlayer can’t open its UI twice
VST Plugin: not setting itself to the host sample rate in some cases many more fixes

More information on Plogue Bidule 0.92

Author: FutureMusic

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