M-Audio Announces New Wireless MIDI Controllers

M-Audio has announced the release of the new MidAir line of wireless USB MIDI controllers. The MidAir 25 and MidAir 37 controllers, featuring wireless technology from Frontier Design Group, are designed to give live performers complete freedom of movement, as well as studio musicians who are looking to eliminate cumbersome cables.

The new MidAir 25 delivers twenty-five velocity-sensitive keys in a 2.4 GHz wireless chassis with an effective range of 30 feet with the same consistent, real-time response and low latency as wired controllers. Users also get eight MIDI-assignable knobs, mod and pitch bend wheels, assignable sustain button and a pedal input. The larger MidAir 37, which includes all of the core features of the MidAir 25, with thirty-seven keys and nine assignable faders.

Each controller ships with the MidAir 2.4GHz wireless receiver that easily connects to a Mac or PC and relays MIDI data from the controller. The MidAir receiver also functions as a standard USB-MIDI interface, which allows users to work with other MIDI gear without the need for separate interfaces. Like many other M-Audio peripherals, the MidAir receiver is a class-compliant device, no drivers required.

The power of these new controllers is not limited for use with a computer. The MidAir receiver can also be directly connecte to a standard MIDI instrument. Complete with preset and octave +/- buttons as well as assignable physical controllers, the MidAir 25 and MidAir 37 allow users to take control of any MIDI instrument. For greater flexibility, both controllers can be powered with either the included 9V DC power adapter or with standard batteries.

M-Audio will also ship the MidAir wireless MIDI interface after the release of the controller versions of this technology.

“Wireless MIDI hasn’t made it into the mainstream until now,” explained Adam Castillo, M-Audio’s savvy Marketing Director. “We felt the time was right to integrate available wireless technology into our proven keyboard designs to create a product that truly speaks to the future of keyboard instruments. The MidAir 25 and MidAir 37 give keyboard players a new level of freedom to perform wirelessly on stage; and anytime you can eliminate a cable or two in the studio, it’s a move in the right direction.”

No pricing has been announced.

Author: FutureMusic

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