Sony Rumored To Allow AAC Format Compatibility

Sony is rumored to make its music management software compatible with Apple Computer’s AAC audio file format. For Sony, who once dominated the portable music market segment, this is a significant change in philosophy and the latest evidence that Apple is completely kicking butt in digital music.

For Sony, who championed their own music file compression format, ATRAC, and refused to make their digital music players compatible with other formats, this is a serious case of “losing face.” By changing their software to support AAC, Sony is bowing to Apple’s supremacy in the digital music player market.

Sony’s new management software will allow iPod users to move their music to a Sony Walkman, but only songs they ripped from CDs, not songs downloaded from Apple’s iTunes music store, which is prevented from playing on non-iPod players by Apple’s digital rights management (DRM) technology.

Author: FutureMusic

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