Cycling ’74 UpMix Finally Shipping

Stereo to 5.1 Surround Sound Audio Conversion Tool

When we first got a demo of Cycling ’74s UpMix at last year’s AES show in New York City, we were amazed at the simplicity and quality of the software. However, months after witnessing the software and no delivery, we completely forgot about UpMix. Now comes word that UpMix is now shipping world-wide for $495 retail.

The UpMix plug-in provides all the tools necessary to create professional surround mixes from stereo source material. Additional utility plug-ins complement UpMix with useful surround mixing features such as image rotation and LFE enhancement. UpMix has been developed and tested by a team of surround sound professionals and utilizes proprietary algorithms to convert stereo audio into an immersive 6-channel mix suitable for film, DVD, HD broadcast and music surround formats.

• Stereo-to-5.1 upmixing with integrated mixer, ambience generation, LFE generation and enhancement
• Folddown button allows you to check surround mix in stereo
• Mirror button lets you hear stereo source doubled in surround channels
• Compare button lets you switch between original and immersive mix

In addition to the UpMix repurposing plug-in, additional plug-ins are provided for common surround tasks required by professionals
Rotator offers a means to move a 6-channel mix in a circular fashion — allowing the point of view to follow the on-screen action. Very cool!
ReRoute lets you change the output channels of your audio to match your system’s internal routing.
FoldDown gives you the ability to quickly check your surround mix in stereo, with center channel and surround channel gain reduction.
ReBalance is a simple set of faders for each of the surround channels.

For more information, hit Cycling ’74s UpMix website

Author: FutureMusic

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