Kjaerhus Audio Releases MPL-1 Mastering Precision Limiter

The Kjaerhus MPL-1 is a limiter plug-in made for mastering and peak output where the highest accuracy and quality are demanded. The MPL-1 uses an over-sampled peak detecting algorithm to ensure that even high frequency peaks are accurately detected. This result in better high-frequency performance and it ensures that no overshoot or clipping occurs in the final D/A conversion.

The MPL-1 uses a new stereo linking technique that allows peaks to be limited individually on each channel, while longer lasting gain reductions are linked. This technique ensures that peaks in one channel do not produce artifacts in the other channel, while the average compression still remains the same in each channel to avoid disturbances in the stereo balance. A PDR (Program Dependent Release) function is available to minimize pumping effect and increase loudness. Look-ahead and release-smoothing (soft release-hold) assist in keeping the compression smooth and transparent, even at high compression levels. The MPL-1 also offers TPDF-Dithering for 8, 16 and 24 bit output resolution.

Four stereo meters show the peak input- and output levels as well as compression and RMS-output. The MPL-1 is available in a standard edition and professional edition. The pro-edition allows the user to make adjustments to input levels, PDR, look-ahead, smoothing and stereo-link, plus offering MIDI-Learn for remote parameter control.

Key Features:

• High-precision limiting with no overshoot
• Maximum loudness and minimum pumping
• Over-sampled peak detection with look-ahead
• Release-smoothing (soft release-hold)
• Stereo-link with unlinked peak limiting
• Four stereo meters with peak-hold
• AES17 compliant RMS output meter
• TPDF-Dithering for 8, 16 and 24 bit resolution
• A|B comparisons
• Silent knobs
• Low CPU usage
• Support sampling rates up to 96kS/s
• VST Automation
• Detailed Users Manual
• Additional Features in Pro Edition
• Input gain and balance adjustments
• PDR (Program Dependent Release) adjustments
• Look-ahead and smoothing time adjustments
• Stereo-link time adjustment
• Parameter control through MIDI-learn

You can download a demo of the Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 Mastering Precision Limiter at kjaerhusaudio.com

Author: FutureMusic

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