Soundhack Releases Freesound Beta

Tom Erbe has released five plug-ins for the Audiounit format in both PowerPC (MacOS 10.3) and Universal Binary (MacOS 10.4) that will be welcomed by Industrial artists as well as anyone else who wants to make some serious noise. The Erbe Five: • Chebyshev: a distortion unit which uses various low-order chebyshev polynomials to add even or odd harmonic distortion. • Compand: a combined compressor/expander audio unit plugin. It has...

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Sony Reveals MDR-CX1W Stereo Dynamic Earphones

Retractable Is The New Black Sony’s MDR-CX1W stereo dynamic earphones are ultra portable and feature a retractable cord for a tidy appearance. The soft carrying case is made to fit most portable music players, and can be attached to a belt, bag, armband, etc. using the belt clip or the attached hook. The soft silicone rubber earbuds are used for a secure and comfortable fit in the ears. Features: • 400kJ/m3 high power...

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