Sony Announces Cinescore Soundtracking

Sony Media Software, a leading provider of professional video and audio editing software applications, has announced the launch of Cinescore software, a new concept in music creation technology that automatically generates complete custom soundtracks for movie makers, audio producers and other content creators who require royalty-free music to enhance and enrich their work.

Cinescore software provides content creators with a broad palette of musical themes that can be customized to match the specific moods and genres of the surrounding work. Producers select a basic Theme, then the Cinescore music generation engine creates music that can be shaped to fit. The music’s time and tempo, intensity, variation and repetition can be easily connected with associated video or voiceover down to frame level accuracy to create the perfect soundtrack without requiring any specialized musical knowledge or technical skill.

“Cinescore makes the thrill of music creation more accessible than ever before providing virtually anyone working in any creative medium the ability to add the crucial dimension of custom audio composition to their projects,” stated the proverbial Dave Chaimson, vice president of Marketing for Sony Media Software. “The power and versatility of this unique software enables the expanding market of professional, semi-professional and aspiring digital content creators to produce fully finished pieces instead of having to settle for rough cuts with inadequate soundtracks because of the expense or expertise previously required to craft them.”

Chaimson also noted that Cinescore software comes complete with a core repertoire but can be augmented with a series of professionally produced and recorded Theme Packs to ensure a unique sound regardless of the scale of the project or projects. Listeners experience sound that is as fresh as the creative content it augments.

Behind this program’s streamlined and familiar-looking Sony Media Software interface, the full range of powerful Cinescore features include real-time enhanced editing during playback and ripple editing functions that allow changes across multiple tracks simultaneously. Additional key features include:

Automatically generates music to fit project length
Includes 20 fully customizable Themes in multiple genres
16-bit, 44.1 kHz song quality for high-fidelity performance
User-defined settings yield unlimited musical results
Custom variations can be created and saved
Hint markers control changes in tempo, mood, and intensity
Multiple ending types for generated media
Includes over 300 sound effects and audio transitions
Themes sorted based on instruments, keywords, and more
Video scoring track and real-time preview window
Audio sweetening track
Real-time editing during playback
Interactive Show Me How tutorials and online help
Volume and pan envelopes
Audio time stretching
Track markers and regions
CD audio extraction
External monitor preview
Unlimited undo/redo
Project media bins

Cinescore software will be available worldwide through software stores and online retailers for US $249.95. For more information hit: Cinescore Soundtracking

Author: FutureMusic

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