JBL Adds New Models To Vertec Line

JBL Professional has introduced the new Vertec VT4887ADP three-way line array element and Vertec VT4881ADP powered subwoofer. These two new compact, powered models are designed to deliver high-quality sound reinforcement of music and speech in a variety of applications including concert audio, corporate A/V and theatrical presentations of all types.

The VT4887ADP is a compact, powered lightweight three-way line array element housing two 8″ woofers, four 4″ midrange radiators, and two 1″ exit high-frequency drivers. Designed in cooperation with Crown and dbx, the JBL DP2 DrivePack features 2200 watts peak (1100 watts continuous) output power and comprehensive digital signal processing, including patented high-efficiency Class-I power amplifier technology fron Crown and onboard DSP functionality that communicates readiness and operational status and monitors fault detection of components and electronics. Advanced VerTec-class component transducers provide a high power-to-weight ratio. The enclosure features foam-backed low-frequency grilles, dense protective inserts for midrange apertures, and a fine steel mesh grille to protect high-frequency apertures. Speaker cones are treated with weather-resistant compounds. Including all onboard electronics, system weight is only 39.7 Kg (87.5 lb.).

The VT4881ADP is a compact, lightweight vented subwoofer enclosure housing JBL’s exclusive new 2269G Ultra Long Excursion 460mm (18″) woofer and a JBL DrivePack DP1 fully integrated power and DSP electronics package. Optimized for subwoofer applications, the DP1 provides 3,600 watts peak (1,800 watts continuous) output power. Including all onboard electronics, system weight is only 62.2 kg (137 lb).

For more information visit: JBLpro.com

Author: FutureMusic

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