Cakewalk Releases Sonar 5.2 Update


+ Supports new VST 2.4 extensions, including 64-bit double-precision streaming and x64 compatibility.

+ SONAR can now receive MIDI data from VST instruments

+ Added shell support for Waves VST plug-ins (DX versions already supported)

+ Send up to 256 buses (16 channels per bus) of MIDI data to a ReWire device

+ Control Surface Enhancements

+ Get/set Record Punch State

+ Send stereo/surround metering to a control surface

+ Get Marker Names

+ Add a Marker

+ Display mouse tracking info while editing MIDI in the Track View or Piano Roll View

+ Displays current MIDI note or CC value in notes area

+ Displays current time (musical or absolute) in the time ruler

+ The Erase Tool has returned to the Piano Roll View and Inline Piano Roll View Toolbars

+ Auto Erase mode is now available as an option for the Draw Tool.

Author: FutureMusic

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