MusicIP Receives Patent For Fingerprinting Technology

MusicIP, the first global search engine for music, has been awarded U.S. Patent 7,013,301 for its Audio Fingerprinting System and Method that provides reliable, fast, and robust identification of digital musical tracks.

The technology in the patent identifies digital music tracks at the master-recording level, by the actual sounds in the track. Released as MusicIP’s affordable Open Fingerprint service, the method identifies the same piece of music, consistently, anywhere in the world regardless of language or format.

Just last week, MusicIP released the Open Fingerprint Architecture into the marketplace with client libraries available under an Open Source license. This pioneering move provides the digital music industry with an effective, yet inexpensive identification mechanism which can be used by music enterprises of all kinds, including digital music stores, content delivery enterprises, and independent and micro-record labels.

With the Open Fingerprint Architecture, digital tracks can be identified consistently against MusicIP’s Music Digital Naming Service (MusicDNS) dataset of more than 17 million analyzed songs, providing a simple, dependable Web service to identify music tracks and provide basic metadata. Under the Open Source license options, the public-domain track metadata returned by MusicDNS can be used freely for any application needs.

“We are proud to offer our Open Fingerprint web service to the industry as an up-to-date, costeffective alternative to the music identification databases on the market,” says Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of MusicIP. “We’re thrilled by the patent granted on the Open Fingerprint, as it is the foundation of our framework for improved music discovery and sales.”

The Future: MusicIP’s patent could throw a monkey wrench in the substancial progess that this field has made over the last couple of years, if the company decides to litigate against its competitors.

Author: FutureMusic

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